spa pure promise
Yonka Paris

spa pure is more than a promise of skin vitality and aesthetics.
spa pure is an experience of beauty, health and deep relaxation.

At spa pure, special care is taken to create a timeless environment for healing and self-restoration.
The clean, pure aromas of citrus, lavender, cherry, rosemary, and the oxygenating scent of the ocean
are the first signals to the spa pure client that escape and healing are well on the way.

The smell of pure plant aromas, the deeply soothing sounds of Asian harps, flutes, and the sounds of
nature relieve and distract the mind from the pressures of the day; allowing the healing touch of
Wendy Robinson the optimal connection for your deeply therapeutic experience.

The spa pure promise is artful care and expert skin treatment that provides visible results and
renewal for the whole person.

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